05 Nov,2022 | Blog post

ARMENIA: Let’s Talk Cyber Security


Safe YOU Armenia

In partnership with UNICEF, 5 new forums on Cyber Security have been added to the Safe YOU app in Armenia. 

1. How to keep privacy of children in social media

Threats through letters, messages, video recordings and photos are used as tools of influence through which a perpetrator is able to influence the physical or psychological sense of security of a woman or girl, as well as to extort money. In what cases should we worry, and recognise a cyber crime. 

2. What is Cyber Romance?

How to not fall into the cybertrap of “romantic love”, how to detect fraud, how to stay safe from catfishing? 

3. Personal Photos and Cyber Security

Intimate conversations you have with people close to you should be private, but this is not always the case… What is ‘Grandma’s Filter’? How do you chat safely online?

4. 5 pieces of advice to stop getting unwanted messages 

Cruel comments, gestures, emojis, gifs, sexual jokes and comments. These are typical steps of ral cyber stalking. How do you react, stop and prevent these actions?

5. How to help teenagers in case of cyber threats…

Often unaware of the risks, children are drawn to the endless and engaging possibilities of the Internet and social networking, they find virtual friends with common interests, with whom they form seemingly trustworthy relationships. Sometimes these relationships are beyond parental control. Some of these relationships, especially during adolescence, develop additions that involve both psychological and physical harm. 

These 5 forums were designed to improve the capacity of women and girls online in keeping themselves safe from cyber threats. 

Download the Safe YOU app to learn more about how to be protected from these threats.